Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kete-Woven Flax Bags from Aotearoa The kete are made from NZ flax, Mahi Harakeke.

The Maori craft of kete making has a long history. The Maori used the kete for carrying their food, belongings and taonga (treasures).

Flax can be found throughout New Zealand; it's called flax because of the similarity between it's fibre and that of real flax.

Kia ora!

Flax Works is run by Sandra and Michelle:

"We are a mother and daughter team of Maori descent . Our tribal links are Ngapuhi and Tainui. We are flax and fibre weavers who continue a traditional craft handed down from our ancestors.

It is a treasure that is valued and each piece is symbolic and embodied with spiritual and cultural values.

A gift to give as it has been given to us".

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