Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mihana-True Aloha


I. Mihana Souza

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Mihana is a descendent of one of Hawai'i's most legendary musical families. Her mother, the late Irmgard Farden Aluli, is one of Hawai'i's most prolific songwriters and performers, and has been honored numerous times, including being inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame. The talent of singing, composing and performing extends to siblings, aunts, uncles, children, cousins…music is this family's lifestyle!

Music has been a part of Mihana's life from the very first moment she remembers. Those earliest memories include staging full musicals with her siblings for their family at their home on the Punchbowl slopes. The family kitchen was a source of song, as their mother began teaching them her own compositions as they prepared or cleaned up after meals. From the age of 4, Mihana was always an alto! Mihana and her brothers and sisters were often pulled from play to perform for company.

The move to a new home on the windward side of the island when Mihana was 8 meant longer commute times and more time to - sing. Mihana's mother and father instilled a love and appreciation of many kinds of music, and the songs of the day were taught and sung with great fervor. Finally settling in Kailua, where even today she makes her home, Mihana made new friends and joined the church choir, proud of the fact that she could sing "by ear." This talent led to singing groups with her cousins during high school, performing different kinds of music…folk, pop, rock & roll, whatever was fun! Her association with the Kailua High School Madrigals allowed her to travel with this prestigious singing group, spreading the music from Hawai'i to many parts of the world.

Her high school and college education finished, she asked her mom for advice on what to do next. The response…"Get a bass!"…and Mihana became part of the group Puamana which included her mother, sister Aima McManus and cousin Luana McKenney. Puamana has been at the forefront of performing Hawaiian music for over 25 years. Their harmonies and gracious demeanor with residents and visitors is the essence of the spirit of aloha, and their recordings are treasured possessions in the hands of fans and collectors.

In 2001 Mihana debuts her solo CD, "Rust On The Moon," which emphasizes her sultry voice, her song-writing skills, and her love of many kinds of music. With this release she is destined to continue the legacy handed down to her, through music, into the future.

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